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Nautica Asset Management Clients

We work with federal employees as well as their spouses, friends and family members—primarily individuals aspiring to leave the workforce in the next 10 years. They are in the stages of becoming “empty-nesters” with at least one child having already left home. They typically have as many as three kids and are paying the cost of higher education. If married, only one of them is working. The other chose to stay at home to raise the family.

One parent most likely worked in a white-collar position for the federal government. Savers by nature, they are eager to start checking items off their bucket list while they still have the means and energy.

During their formative young adult years their energy was highly focused on parenting their children while also addressing issues faced by their aging parents. They’ve had at least one family member receive custodial care and worry about the financial impact it could create.

Their net worth is between $750,000 – $1.5 million with most liquid assets in a 401(k), TSP or IRA rollover account. Debt is minimal, usually only for cars.

No One Feels They Have Enough

While financially comfortable, our clients rarely feel as if they have enough and are usually hesitant to retire even when the data suggests they may do so at any time. At least one worries about the possibility of outliving their money.

Politically conservative, they feel they pay far more than their fair share of income tax and worry about the impact taxes will have on their retirement savings.

Our clients enjoy travel and often aspire to have a second home. At 3 am, they ask themselves:

1. Will I ever have enough money to retire?
2. Will I end up having to return to work?
3. What if my children need financial support when I’m retired?
4. If tax rates go up in retirement, how will that affect me?

These questions affect them, usually creating a sense of anxiety.

Often one member of the couple feels he/she could manage their investments but has little confidence the other could.

They both crave simplicity with their money. More than anything, they want to be told that they’ll be okay. They want to work with someone who is accessible and reasonably priced.

Our clients possess likable personalities and an optimistic attitude about the future. They feel grateful for their lives and family, but want acknowledgement for their hard work and contribution to society.

Our clients are trainable. While they don’t possess many hardcore attitudes toward investment strategy, they have reasonable expectations when it comes to returns and the role we play in helping them to achieve their goals. Trust comes naturally to them.

Nautica Asset Management Services

We differentiate ourselves by the services we offer, including in-depth knowledge, training and experience.

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